Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady

I have promised a review of the our Virgin Voyages cruise and time just keeps getting away from me! So I thought I would get a quick post up about my initial thoughts and promise you I will get a full review up soon.

We we’re lucky enough to be able to status match against our Carnival status so we received Deep Blue Extras! This was a great options for us to be able to get priority boarding, additional sailor loot, a huge bag of laundry and $10 coffee card daily. Unfortunately at the moment they are revamping their loyalty program so we will keep and eye out for details.

I really liked how the crew interacted with guest. They were relaxed and always had time to have a conversation with you. One thing I missed though was that there name tags did not have which country they were from, but not having it displayed opened up the door to have a conversation with them to learn where they were from. In my opinion the crew loved their jobs from the entertainment team to your Cabin Attendant. It showed in every interaction that you had with the crew.

The food was great but because Virgin had basically only specialty restaurants the menus are set and don’t change. After 13 days I found the meals repetitive. If your are going a shorter cruise this obviously won’t be an issue. I wasn’t sure about the Test kitchen going in but I did enjoy the experience. You might as well try it, if you don’t like it there is always pizza!

The high light of the cruise was the fireworks as we cruise passed Sir Richard Branson home! I have never been so close to fireworks and it was quite amazing! We had front row seats from out balcony!

Would I go again? Absolutely! We plan on booking our next one soon! Come join us!


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