Carnival Seminar @ Sea – Carnival Freedom – September 16-21, 2024

Larry and I were invited to participate in a Seminar @ Sea training opportunity with our Business Developer Manager (BDM) from Carnival recently.  We arrived around 10:00am on the 16th, parked the car and unloaded our suitcases.  Larry thought we could share a suitcase but nope I packed too much like always!  Check in went quickly and we proceed through security and dog sniffing.  I will have to say that this is the first cruise in awhile that I didn’t smell the order of marijuana all the time.  Good job Carnival, the extra check seems to be working.  We then arrived in the Diamond lounge and had to wait about an hour.  There was a large wedding party that they were needing to process and get on board but anyone else is allowed to board.

Speaking of wedding parties.  Did you know you can do a destination wedding on Carnival?  What fun!

Anyway once we were onboard we went by our muster station for a quick check-in and demo of the safety procedures then ran by our cabin to drop off our carryon items.  Once everything was stowed in our cabin, we made our way to deck 9 where Larry grabbed a Guy’s burger and I went to the Mongolian wok for my shrimp and veggies.  So yummy!

At 5:00 we had a cocktail party to meet the rest of the group.  We had a few drinks and some very nice hors d’oeuvres.  There were a few agents from Indiana!  It was nice to interact with everyone and discuss where they were from.

For this cruise we had late dining at 8:15pm, definitely not my favorite!  The food on this trip was very good and was an excellent tempature every night.  We enjoyed the other 10 people at our time table for dinner every evening.  Our waitstaff was very attentive and ensured that our table was happy with our food selections each night.  We did eat at the steakhouse on one of the evening and I had the surf n turf which was excellent.  Larry selected the filet mingon and he enjoyed his dinner as well.  I do have to say that the mac n cheese at the steakhouse is amazing.

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