Gamble or Not?

So I did a thing… last week we, or I guess I should say I, decided to book the Mardi Gras and join Bill and Missy on their cruise! Well our cabin was assigned today! They assigned us a Havana Cabin! I was leary about booking a Guarantee cabin because you just never know what you will get. Pretty sweet to get a Havana cabin though. We love Havana cabins on the Vista class ships and find that the interior Havana cabin is really a good deal on the Vista class ships with the added perk of the Havana bar/pool area. But we really weren’t impressed with the design on the excel class ships so haven’t booked this option on them. Would have never booked a guarantee other than it was the only cabin available to book last Saturday and I really wanted to book the cruise. This is what happens when you don’t book early! But the gamble paid off! I think I used up all my luck so I better stay out of the casino on this upcoming cruise!
Who is gifting a cruise for Christmas or ready to book for 2024, 2025 or 2026? Cruises are filling up and the more demand means higher prices! I know a lot of you think I’m crazy for booking so far out but you really do get the best prices!

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