Brok Café


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Brok Café

Brok Café is a Cuban-style establishment where the party is alive and kicking well before midnight. Rum-based drinks are to be expected, naturally.

Bars & Nightlife

Deauville has no shortage of places to down a pint, linger over a glass of Chardonnay or sip on a smart cocktail. Be sure also to try out neighbouring Trouville, whose enjoyable drinking establishments may be less posh, but no less French. Given the clientele that comes to sojourn in Deauville, it is a little surprise that the town has a superb, non-stop nightlife with dozens of chic and fashionable clubs and music venues. You will be able to find more relaxed places too. Many clubs open at 10 pm and do not close their doors until well past 5 am.